3 Productivity Tips that will give you a boost in a Distracted World

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If your to-do list seems to be growing longer each day yet your achievements are not growing then one thing your productivity fuel is running low.

In this present age of digital presence, we have so many distractions that are disguised as important items. Have you noticed that many people roll out a lot of new year’s resolution but at the end of the year it almost looks like they’re about to carry it over to the next year or next decade if possible.

Truth is, the zeal is always there. Plans are always made but along the way that tiny little crack head of distraction which could come in different forms to shift your attention.

The good news is “You’re Not Alone“, the better news is “I’d help you identify those camouflaged distractions and show you how to overcome them“.

How to Identify and Overcome Seeming Distractions in this Digital Era

Distraction 1 – Your Phone


We live in a world of technological advancement and it is almost impossible to spend a day without the use of your phone. Scratch that!!! It is almost impossible to spend 30mins without your phone. It doesn’t matter where you are (Bus-stop, taxi, party, office, home etc) or what you might be doing (eating, driving, running, even bathing etc), chances are your phone will either be in your hands or at most will not be 3 feet away from you. This is our current reality.

Yet, successful and productive people understand that it is important to know who calls the shot. If you are easily swayed by the next phone call, the next email, the next sms, the next buzz on your phone, then just bear in mind that you have become a slave to your phone.

On the flip side, it is possible for you to keep things under control by allotting time slots to when you go online or handle certain things. This however will depend on what you place as a priority in your world.

I have noticed some CEOs are barely reachable via phone calls, no matter how close you are to them (except their immediate family), they will never answer your call. Yet that same individual will be more than happy to read a mail from you and reply under 24 hours.

Initially, I thought they were being cruel and egoistic, until i realized that they have found a way to be more productive in a way that works for them.

So figure out what works for you and embrace all of it.


Distraction 2 – Impromptu/Unscheduled Events.

This year 2020 has been quite an interesting one with a lot of news pulling us in many directions. Due to the pandemic, most businesses have resolved to doing things virtually but not all businesses or events can survive in this manner.

As the effect of the pandemic faces a decline, the world is gradually easing back to its pre-pandemic season which involves more hangouts and outdoor activities.

While it is important to attend some events, it’s always best to prepare for the unexpected as well. Although, this does not mean that you have to dance to every music on another person’s playlist.

Unscheduled events can tilt you to be more unproductive than it can otherwise. Hence, it is important to stay on course in fulfilling your goals and stay guilt-free if you have to tell them that you had no plans for it. Real friends will always understand this truth.


Distraction 3 – Breaking News

It’s one thing to be informed, it’s another thing to keep dwelling on what you can’t control. While the former is a good thing, the latter will always keep you in an unproductive manner.

The next question you might want to ask is how can you remove your mind from such breaking news (good/bad)?

Well, take it as it comes. Take the sense out of the situation and leave the rest. There should be a turn-around time of such news. 

If it’s good news, celebrate it anyway you dim fit. In my opinion, 24hrs is more than sufficient for this. 

If it’s bad news, accept it, feel the pain and grab the lessons from that moment. This might seem impossible but if for instance its an occurrence that’s beyond your control happening in another region entirely, sympathize with them in anyway you feel like but after 24hrs you need to understand that spending 365 days using up energy over what you can’t change will do more harm than good to you. So you need to learn to gradually shift your bearing.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Life is about what happens to us and also how we respond to it. 

Keep your productivity fuel burning and watch those distractions fade away!