The First Pro-Abstinence NGO in Nigeria

The Project for Human Development (PHD) is a trans-cultural, trans-religious and trans-political not-for-profit organisation duly registered in the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The raison d’être of PHD is the promotion of fundamental values in society. It endeavours to sustain authentic human development by contributing to the moulding of public opinion on family values, the dignity of the human person especially women and children through research, education and advocacy.

The PHD has a Board of Trustees, a Governing Council, a Director General, Directors and Program Officers. It has been funded since its inception in 1999, by donations from its trustees, friends and well wishers.

The main focus of PHD is promotion of fundamental values, character and excellence among the Nigerian young through the establishment and running of PHD CHASTITY CLUBS in schools. PHD’s greatest impact has been felt in the field of HIV/AIDS advocacy & prevention education, where it has successfully challenged the concept of the so-called “safe sex” and enthroned the value of abstinence-from-sex until marriage and fidelity in marriage to an uninfected spouse as the most effective means of preventing the genital spread of HIV/AIDS. This preventive measure, which is 100% effective, has now received support, hinged on evidence-based studies, from such important secular sources as the WHO, the US Congress, the Bush Administration and UNAIDS.



To help our country, especially the young, in their pursuit of excellence and, view of the AIDS scourge, to prevent and drastically reduce its further spread through the promotion of a well-ordered sexuality based on the family and its values, which guarantee true human victory.


Through the promotion of cherished African values and the policy of abstinence-from-sex-until marriage, to save Nigeria from the AIDS scourge by reducing the HIV prevalence rate to the lowest in sub-Saharan Africa.


Activities consist of Policy Research, Education and Advocacy. We try to ensure for those uninfected by HIV by creating, increasing or enhancing awareness through Talks, Interactive seminars and Workshops on HIV/AIDS and through counselling.


  • PHD Chastity Clubs in schools
  • Talks to homogenous audiences [Schools, Universities, Seminaries, Town Unions, Trade Groups, Church and Mosque Groups, Professional bodies, Industries etc.]
  • Publications [Books, Pamphlets, Info lets, Handouts, Tracts etc.]
  • Broadcasts, Adverts & Radio jingles
  • TV debates and discussions
  • Drama presentations
  • Valedictory services
  • Pro-Abstinence march


  • Training Peer-health educators
  • Capacity building
  • Research, data collection and collation
  • Net working
  • Fund raising.
  • Monitoring and evaluation through Questionnaires.


Monitoring and evaluation through Questionnaires.

PHD Believes

  • In the adage which states that “prevention is better than cure.
  • In the use of means that are properly preventive rather than those of “containment” against HIV/AIDS because the HIV virus has no vaccine, the AIDS disease has no cure and Antiretroviral drugs are expensive and toxic.
  • That there is no right way of doing something that is in itself wrong e.g. cheating at exams, murder, having sex before marriage etc.
  • That the best way to prevent teenagers from engaging in pre-marital sexual activities is to help them develop higher self-esteem and good self-control etc.

In line with these beliefs, PHD promotes sexual abstinence and marital fidelity as the only truly safe ways of preventing the genital spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases including HIV/AIDS. It teaches youths the value and beauty of chastity in continence and the need to place their youthful energies in personality-moulding activities which will help them withstand negative pressures from peers, adults and the media and empower them in their pursuit of excellence throughout life.

PHD also runs interactive workshops and interactive multi-media presentation seminars tagged “Preserving Human Capital & Protecting Corporate Assets by Preventing HIV/AIDS through Health Education”. It has professionally delivered workshops/seminars to institutions like the Lagos Business (LBS), National Agency for Food and Drugs and Administration Control (NAFDAC), Diamond Bank Ltd, Intercontinental Bank Plc and other companies and town unions.

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