Cruel: Joe Biden blocks Healthcare from poor Tennessee Women because they are anti-abortion by Tony Ademiluyi

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US President Joe Biden has shown how vindictive he is in ruthlessly dealing with hapless pro-life women in Tennessee. Their crime? Simply because they oppose the state-sanctioned murder called abortion. reported that last year, Tennessee received $7.1 million in Title X funding to provide birth control, STI testing and treatment, and other health services to low-income individuals across the state. This year, however, the Biden administration decided to cut off the funds, denying health care to thousands of individuals because Tennessee will not refer patients for elective abortions.

Here’s more from the report:

Biden’s administration at the end of March cut off Tennessee’s Title X funds after determining the state health department — which oversees its clinics and was awarded $7.1 million last year — violated federal rules by not counseling patients about abortion. “Continued funding is not in the best interest of the government,” two Department of Health and Human Services officials wrote to Tennessee officials on March 20. The state had more than 100 Title X clinics as of March, according to an HHS directory.

How cruel can the Joe Biden-led administration be? It is indeed a crime in America ironically built on religious liberty to object to the reckless spilling of the blood of innocents on religious grounds. How tragic!

Consider this very carefully, America has a global and stellar reputation for putting her citizens first. We recall how transgender basketball player, Brittney Griner who was held hostage in Russia was exchanged for Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer. The intelligence agencies and military do everything within their power to rescue American hostages abroad.

Despite this show of solidarity for their fellow citizens, American conservatives and pro-lifers are brutally persecuted for their noble beliefs as seen by what happened to the impoverished Tennessee women who would now have to bear the astronomical cost of healthcare – America has one of if not the most expensive healthcare services in the world.

If the cold-blooded democrats can do this to their countrymen, how much cruelty would they show to recalcitrant African pro-lifers?

Conservatives from all over the world rejoiced at the passage of Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill by its Parliament and later given presidential assent by President Yoweri Museveni. The US retaliated by revoking the Visa of the Ugandan Speaker, Anita Among. We recall that under the administration of Barack Obama, David Bahati a Ugandan parliamentarian at the time was denied entry into the US for simply sponsoring an anti-gay rights bill in the Parliament.

The gay rights agenda is the precursor of the return to a totalitarian world controlled by Big Brother making George Orwell’s oeuvre ‘1984’ prophetic and eternal.

The LGBTQ apologists are cruel and would stop at nothing to persecute pro-lifers who oppose them, especially in the media space. What happens to Freedom of Speech as protected by the First Amendment? They tout ‘human rights’, ‘social justice’, ‘equality’, ‘diversity & inclusiveness’ but turn their backs on these noble ideals when the bare-faced truth stares them in the face. How hypocritical!

American Pro-Lifers must use their representatives in Congress to pressurize Biden to rescind his anti-women policy which exposes the vulnerable to grave harm. This is a gross abuse of power and in my humble opinion, an impeachable offense as the sanctity of life should be respected from conception to natural demise.

How is Biden any different from Vladimir Putin?

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for Christian Voice UK and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached on +2348167677075.

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It is no news that most African nations have bravely pushed back against the liberal agenda of the West to foist the destructive agenda on hitherto Sovereign African nations through their local legislatures.

What is unknown to most Africans is the surreptitious hijacking of the soul of the African media to aggressively push this nauseating culture of death preying on the ignorance of many Africans on noble pro-life issues.

It is therefore imperative for African Conservatives/Pro-Lifers to control the media space and positively use it to shape local public opinion.

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