Death of the Abortion Industry? – In Dobbs, out Roe v. Wade by Tony Ademiluyi

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Many pro-abortionists in the United States planned to roll out the drums to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the murderous Roe v Wade. Everything was working in order for them. They had a sturdy ally in President Joe Biden – arguably America’s most pro-abortion President albeit a Catholic. The propaganda blitzkrieg of the world’s largest abortion services provider, Planned Parenthood was blazing to the High Heavens in a way not even envisaged by the legendary Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi Germany infamy.

Then all of a sudden, the ghost of Donald Trump showed up in the conservative justices of the Supreme Court that he appointed to overturn the 49-year sick and sinister law in the now locus classicus Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization known as Dobbs for short.

Since Dobbs, abortion rates have drastically dropped in Uncle Sam with many abortion facilities even completely shutting down. Who could have believed that the Goliath called Planned Parenthood would plan to make about fifteen percent of its members of staff redundant?

Lifesite News reports that The reversal of Roe v. Wade has had a swift and devastating impact on the abortion industry across much of America, leaving nearly one-third of the country with no abortion facilities.

The reversal of Roe v. Wade has had a swift and devastating impact on the abortion industry across much of America, leaving nearly one-third of the country with no abortion facilities.

Within two weeks of the Dobbs decision, at least 49 abortion centers stopped committing abortions or closed entirely as pro-life laws took effect in several states.

By October, that number rose to 66, with 26 facilities shutting down for good, including 11 in Texas alone, according to a report by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.

The following month, Operation Rescue counted 88 facilities that either halted abortions or permanently closed, resulting in the lowest number of abortion centers in the U.S. since the 1970s.

Due to the newly enforceable bans, 14 states were “abortion-free” last year for the first time in decades, Operation Rescue noted.

“2022 is the first year to record states with no active abortion facility, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization,” the pro-life group celebrated. “It is expected that this trend will continue into 2023 and beyond as more state legislatures take up pro-life legislation to ban or strictly limit abortions.”

A 2022 study by researchers with the University of California San Francisco predicts that up to 202 abortion facilities — 26 percent of the national total — could ultimately close after the overturn of Roe v. Wade. 

The abortion centers that have shut down or otherwise stopped killing the unborn include some of the most ghastly, scandal-plagued facilities in the country.

Among them are Planned Parenthood’s Houston mega-center, formerly the largest abortion mill in North America. The six-story, 78,000-foot facility — strategically placed around black and Hispanic neighborhoods — committed thousands of abortions each year and altered procedures to harvest “intact fetal cadavers,” as the Center for Medical Progress revealed in 2015. Planned Parenthood’s website now says that the center “is unable to provide abortion services at this time.”

The Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, another notorious abortion chain cited for dozens of health violations, like rusted equipment and rat holes, announced days after the Supreme Court reversed Roe that it would close all four of its Texas locations, one of which has since become a pro-life center.

The group also shut down a location in Indiana earlier this month.

In Mississippi, Jackson Women’s Health Organization — the abortion facility at the center of the Dobbs case and the only one in the state — closed its doors last summer. It’s now a luxury furniture store.

Eight hundred miles away, Wisconsin abortionist Dennis Christensen, who committed as many as 100,000 abortions during the Roe era, closed Milwaukee’s Affiliated Medical Services and put the building up for sale in October.

“This particular abortion center was a victim of the Dobbs v. Jackson case, there is no doubt about it,” Dan Miller, director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, told LifeSiteNews at the time. “Prayer is powerful! God does hear our prayers!”

Miller had led 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns outside the facility for years, saving more than 1,600 babies and depriving the abortion mill of over $1 million prior to Dobbs.

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“Dan’s street-level defunding of the abortion industry helped ensure his local abortion business didn’t have the cash reserves to ride out the Dobbs decision in hopes that a future election or court case would legalize abortion once again,” noted 40 Days for Life, an international group that organizes non-stop, 40-day prayer vigils in front of abortion centers.

What are the implications for Africa? Despite the fact that the Democratic Party which has the promotion of abortion abroad as one of the cardinal points of its foreign policies, the growing unpopularity of abortion in the US will fuel sentiments against it globally including in Europe which will spread to Africa.

Africa will no longer be the harvesting ground for cheap foetuses to be used in the West. Our culture of life will be respected by the West and the rogue elements amongst us will be identified and publicly shamed.

African legislators should make stronger laws criminalizing abortion so that the gains of Dobbs can make sense and be appreciated locally as just like politics, all laws are local.

Also, we should spare a thought for South Africa who legalized abortion in 1996 which has since witnessed a brutal slaughtering of millions of South African babies. We should work with Conservatives in the Rainbow country to mount enormous pressure on their parliamentarians to repeal that law that is not only evil but against that of God and nature.

Conservatives and Pro-Lifers should be eternally watchful as the liberals never go to bed. It will be a monumental tragedy if the gains of Dobbs turns out to be a mere pyrrhic victory.

The timeless words of Reverend Martin Luther King jr shall remain source of comfort for the battle-ready conservatives permanently in the trenches – we shall overcome someday!

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for West African Christian Voice Trumpet Call Ministry  and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached at +2348167677075.

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It is no news that most African nations have bravely pushed back against the liberal agenda of the West to foist the destructive agenda on hitherto Sovereign African nations through their local legislatures.

What is unknown to most Africans is the surreptitious hijacking of the soul of the African media to aggressively push this nauseating culture of death preying on the ignorance of many Africans on noble pro-life issues.

It is therefore imperative for African Conservatives/Pro-Lifers to control the media space and positively use it to shape local public opinion.

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