Faith Betrayal: University of Notre Dame Backs Pride Month by Tony Ademiluyi

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The United States was sturdily built by her founding fathers on religious liberty which explains why the mention of the name of God in the pre-woke era featured prominently.

Its earliest educational institutions including Harvard which was founded in 1636 were built along religious lines.

The Catholic Church – the world’s oldest Church has more than a passing interest in American education. Many popular educational institutions that have her imprimatur include Georgetown where Bill Clinton first attended, The Catholic University of America, Notre Dame etc.

It is with great sadness in my heart that I write that the University of Notre Dame released an official statement backing ‘Pride Month’.

The odious and extremely scandalous statement read: “Happy #PrideMonth! We celebrate all LGBTQ+ identities and reaffirm our commitment to being a welcoming, safe and supportive place for ALL members of the Notre Dame family,” the official account of the university tweeted on June 1. “We see you. We’re glad you’re here. You are an important member of our community.”

The Catholic Church has been steadfast in its virulent opposition to homosexuality despite the pressure from the left to accept it in the name of political correctness. The Holy Church has taught that the act of homosexuality is a grave sin before God which is punishable with eternal damnation and calls for its practitioners to unconditional repentance.

It is indeed a monumental tragedy for an educational institution of hers to be openly promoting an agenda that is at odds with the Church.

The tweet drew swift criticism and condemnation from faithful Catholics. Others pointed out that the university, named for the Blessed Virgin Mary, betrays its namesake by supporting sin.

Lifesite News reported some reactions by its stakeholders which include:

“[M]ake Notre Dame Catholic again instead of a university of woke,” Sensus Fidelium tweeted at the university.

“Not sending my kids here,” Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins tweeted in response.

“The erosion of Notre Dame’s Catholic identity continues,” The Irish Rover, the campus conservative publication, wrote in response.

Eric Kniffin at the Ethics and Public Policy Center also criticized the university.

“What a disaster. What a shame. What a missed opportunity. Remember ND’s “What you fight for?” commercials during football broadcasts? I wish @NotreDame would fight for Catholic teaching and the truth of the human person,” he tweeted.

Notre Dame is notorious for its pro-choice stance as it has hosted pro-abortion and pro-LGBT programs in the past including hiring an openly gay man, Pete Buttigieg as a Faculty Fellow. Buttigieg is ‘married’ to his fellow man and is now currently serving the Joe Biden-led administration.

What sort of example is this university given to Americans who are in dire need of a sense of direction given the ferocity of the insane woke agenda?

Why can’t this university boldly stand up for the truth rather than cave into the need for the bizarre promotion of a warped sense of  ‘diversity and inclusiveness?’

Why can’t the Catholic authorities in America heavily sanction those responsible for the promotion of these liberal agendas? Why the conspiratorial silence? What happens to the numerous Africans especially the Catholics in search of a safe Catholic education that may end up more confused than ever?

All these questions are not rhetorical as they deserve urgent answers. The institution really needs to clean its Augean Stables and desperately needs a Biblical Daniel that can come to judgement.

Who will bell the cat?

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for Christian Voice UK and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached on +2348167677075.

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