Heartless: Slaughtering Babies Good for the ‘Soul of America’ – Joe Biden by Tony Ademiluyi

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The radically pro-abortion Joe Biden flagged off the campaign for his second term in office on Thursday, June 8 by opining that cruelly slaughtering babies in abortion was somehow good for the ‘soul of America’.

Washington Times was quoted to have said that fighting for the ‘soul of America’ is central to the message of his re-election bid.

Lifenews.com reported that “The Biden administration and the progressive left have a perverted, skewed understanding of the soul of America,” Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, told the Times. “They are ripping the country apart with this assault on our children that includes the so-called right to destroy an innocent life and to destroy a child’s innocence with the radical LGBTQ ideology.”

Joe Biden, the second Catholic to be America’s President after the legendary charismatic John Fitzgerald Kennedy is arguably America’s most pro-choice President.

He betrayed the ideals of the Catholic Church which he claims to be a member of which forbids abortion on any grounds.

During a press conference Thursday, Biden mentioned abortion in connection to fighting for “the soul of America.” In a comment about state abortion bans, he promised voters that he will continue to fight against “extremists” who are “dictating what health care decisions women can make,” according to the report.

Imagine Biden a.k.a Sleepy Joe calling conservatives and pro-lifers ‘extremists!’ Has it become a crime for conservatives to protect the interests of the unborn? Has it become bad for pro-lifers to ensure that the wombs of women are safe rather than it being reduced to a battlefield for murder backed by political correctness and state sanctions?

My joy knew no bounds when Roe v Wade was overturned by Dobbs v Jackson under the Biden administration which is heavily pro-abortion. That credit goes to his predecessor, Donald Trump who appointed most of the conservative Judges that stood up valiantly for the rights of the unborn. Despite Trump’s foibles which every mortal on earth has, he won my eternal respect for his pro-life positions as he used his privileged office as the world’s most powerful individual to adequately back the interests of the world’s most vulnerable – innocent babies in the womb.

Biden has been doing his best to yank off the Hyde Amendment and arm-twist Americans to pay for abortions on demand through Medicaid.

He has been mounting pressure on Congress to pass a nauseating pro-abortion bill nicknamed ‘The Abortion without limits up to birth act’. The legislation would force states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth, end bans on sex-selection and taxpayer-funded abortions, and jeopardize laws requiring parental consent for minors, informed consent, and conscience protections for pro-life medical professionals.

If Biden can do this to the American unborn, think of what his murderous administration will do to unborn African babies as depopulating Africa forms a core of the pro-abortion agenda.

Biden must be stopped from getting a second term as his actions are to put it nicely worse than what Thomas Becket experienced in the hands of King Henry II in the timeless ‘Murder in the Cathedral.’ The Democratic Party is blood-stained from the blood of the innocents and Americans especially the Conservatives mustn’t reward them with a second term in office. Think of the damage done to Africa through the suspension of the Mexico City Policy which bars the American government from funding abortion abroad which was historically enacted via an executive order by Ronald Reagan.

Think of the abortion-inducing drugs being massively pumped into Africa by the Biden led administration as he has made no pretense that abortion forms a core of his foreign policy. Think of the number of aborted dreams which may have lifted Africa from the throes of poverty and despair who weren’t even given the most fundamental human right ‘The right to Life!’

The Republicans must put forward a sturdy Conservative and Pro-Lifer to permanently retire Biden from politics and hopefully, he finds God and peace of mind through a permanent penitence of the wasted opportunities he had to make a difference in the lives of the unborn through his long stay in the Senate – over four decades, eight years as Vice-President and four years as President.

Conservatives the world over must rally around this noble goal of stopping Biden from returning to the White House next year and not only that stopping the return of all pro-choice politicians at all levels in America which will then spread like a hurricane to the rest of the world. Enough of the bullying by the liberals! Conservatives must take back the world in all its spheres!

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for West African Christian Voice Triumphant Ministry Nigeria and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached at +2348167677075.

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It is no news that most African nations have bravely pushed back against the liberal agenda of the West to foist the destructive agenda on hitherto Sovereign African nations through their local legislatures.

What is unknown to most Africans is the surreptitious hijacking of the soul of the African media to aggressively push this nauseating culture of death preying on the ignorance of many Africans on noble pro-life issues.

It is therefore imperative for African Conservatives/Pro-Lifers to control the media space and positively use it to shape local public opinion.

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