PHD Chastity Club

Curriculum Of PHD Chastity Club


  • The Child In The Family
  • Man In Society
  • Dignity Of Labour
  • Planning Your Time For Success
  • Working Towards A Target
  • Sources of Authentic Knowledge
  • Working for Excellence
  • Leadership Qualities/Integrity
  • Selflessness/Philanthropism
  • Excursion/Industrial Visits
  • Career Talks


  • The Child In The Family
  • Man In Society
  • Dignity Of Labour
  • Planning Your Time For Success
  • Working Towards A Target
  • Sources of Authentic Knowledge

Except for the activities grouped together in the last point above, which will take much longer time, club activity time in schools is approximately 90 minutes a week for about ten weeks each school term.



The level of moral decadence in our country today is worrisome. Our revered and cherished family values have been eroded through mis-information. The main victim of this circumstance is our youth. There is growing promiscuity among our youths, exposing them to the grave danger of incurable and debilitating sexually transmitted diseases and the dreaded HIV. The advocates of so called “safe sex” who are in the business of promoting the condom as a means of ‘preventing’ AIDS have done more harm than good. They have created a false sense of security in the use of Condoms, endangering the lives of our youths. The process of recommending condom usage to teenagers inevitably conveys 5 dangerous messages:

  1. That “safe sex” is achievable
  2. That everybody is doing it
  3. That responsible adults expect them to do it
  4. That it is a good thing to do
  5. That their peers know they know these things, thus breeding promiscuity.

UNICEF reports show that the group at highest risk of contacting HIV is young people aged 15 to 25 years. This claim was collaborated by the Education Minister, Professor B. Borisade in his address at a recent joint meeting of UNESCO, UNAIDS and the Ministry of Education in Abuja on HIV/AIDS. He said that over 60% of new HIV infections are among youths between the ages of 15 and 25 years, and that now, there is a real danger that a significant number of our youth may not reach adulthood, posing danger also to our industrialisation, the economy and our future as a nation.

To save our nation’s workforce from this rampaging HIV/AIDS, we need to:

  1. Reach out to these youth before they embark on promiscuous lifestyles.
  2. Need to embark on educating the youth in our educational institutions that AIDS is real and has no cure or vaccine.
  3. Drive home the message that the only solution to its genital spread which accounts for 90% of infections, is chastity and fidelity.

To achieve this objective the PHD has set up PHD clubs in educational institutions to promote good values, work ethics, sexual-abstinence (continence) until marriage and general pursuit of excellence in education and work.


The objectives of the PHD Club are:

  • In pursuit of excellence in education and in work.
  • To reduce the spread of HIV/ADIS among Nigerian youths to be the lowest in Africa.
  • To entrench in our youth the culture of abstinence-from-sex-until-marriage and fidelity in marriage as the best means of preventing the genital spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • To build a society with high moral standards and values.


Our primary targets are teenagers in secondary institutions. This category of youths are still at their prime formative age and we believe that the virtue of chastity will be easier for them to imbibe. The secondary target shall be young adults in tertiary institutions.


Long-term plan is to establish the club in all post primary and tertiary institutions. However, we have started with the under-mentioned schools. These schools shall be used as models, and when fully established, we shall roll out to many more schools.