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17TH JUNE 2022.

The programme commenced at about 11:30am with the opening prayers

Thereafter, our guest speaker  was on ground to talk to the students  about the theme of the programme tagged : the Nigerian Youth and the effective use of social media.

The guest speaker Mrs Chinelo Ugubuo advised the students that they had no business being on facebook if they are not upto16 years old.

While defining who a youth is , Mrs Chinelo Ugubuo said that the 2001 National Youth Policy defined youths as those within the age bracket of 15 and 35 years . she identified  ways social medis can be used and enumerated some advantages as well as disadvantages of social media.

Further more while she pointed out that social media can be used to build one’s profile when looking for a job , it should not be used as a place to reveal one’s secrets because you do not know who you are talking to. She advised students to talk to people they can see especially their parents if anything is bothering them.

She also noted that cyber bullying is real and people have committed suicide because they were cyber bullied.

After the lecture,questions were asked to the students of Fountain heights the host school and fazi Omar Secondary schools(guest school).which they answered brilliantly.

Students from fountain height entertained the audience with a short drama skit as well as a choreography dance .

Mrs Rose Nweje from the district board of education was on ground to ask questions and also speak to the children on how social media  is beneficial to them. However she charged the students to be careful how they use social media at home .she said social media is supposed to make us better and not worse.the fact that one’s line is connected to the internet is not a license to misuse of time on social media. Her watchword is discipline.she added that while chatting to exchange intellectual idea is not bad,chatting that encroaches into your time for other things shows indiscipline.

After her speech,Engr. Jerry Okwosa from Project for human development was on ground to give a talk on character based abstinence education.

He told the students that God created food and sex to be enjoyable. However doing the right thing at the wrong time will make consequences that are bad to be attached.

He mentioned 4 consequences of pre-marital sex in order of importance as follows:

1. It is a mortal sin .  A deadly sin against God.
2. Emotional and psychological effects
3. STDs/STIs.
4. Unwanted pregnancies.

He pointed out that the sole purpose of sex is for pro creation as such it should be done in the right atmosphere . He further buttressed the fact that there is no right way of doing something that is wrong abinitio.

After the lecture, the students of Fazi Omar were on ground to entertain the audience with their drama act.

The event came to a close with the closing remarks and  prayersbeing said by Mrs Princess Olawole of the Project for human development.