Religious Persecution: Catholic Priest Sentenced to six months behind bars for Anti-abortion Campaign by Tony Ademiluyi

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Lifesite News reported that Pro-life priest Fr. Fidelis Moscinski was sentenced to six months in prison for blocking access to a New York abortion facility in an attempt to save innocent unborn children.

On Tuesday, the priest was dealt the punishment in a federal court, months after being found guilty of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Moscinski is frequently involved in Red Rose Rescues and “lock and blocks” — forms of pro-life advocacy in which volunteers enter the waiting room of abortion facilities, or block access to said facilities, in a final attempt to dissuade women from killing their babies. The “lock and block” in question took place on July 7, 2022, in Hempstead, New York.

“It is almost surreal in these court rooms to listen to the prosecution and the judges,” pro-lifer Theresa Bonapartis, who was present at the sentencing, wrote in a statement shared with LifeSiteNews. “Father [Moscinski] is made out to be a career criminal while the slaughter of the innocent human life and the destruction of their mothers and families that takes place is never even mentioned or allowed to mentioned.”

The judge reportedly claimed that Moscinski has a “criminal past” and must be given “deterrents from acting like this again.” Bonapartis shared that the judge rejected the prosecuting attorney’s request that the priest have “restrictions … placed on him with pretty much anyone who is pro-life” during his probation but “compar[ed] restrictions of a crime family not being allowed to associate with others in the mafia with pro-lif[ers].”

“The prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence and unsurprisingly that is what he got. He is not in jail yet but will be waiting to hear when and where he needs to surrender,” Bonapartis wrote. “Of course, there is a basic misunderstanding of the reason and the sacrifice on a spiritual level to what Father (and others) do. No matter your views on rescue, please keep him in your prayers as he lays down his life for the moms and babies.”

As previously reported by LifeSiteNews, Moscinski was charged and found guilty after he locked the gates of a Planned Parenthood facility, preventing cars from entering the driveway and the killing center. Federal charges were brought against the priest after local authorities only dealt him an ordinance violation immediately following the incident.

In court on Tuesday, Moscinski told the judge that “my actions on July 7, 2022 were done because Planned Parenthood as an organization is in the business of killing. Every procured abortion that occurs on its premises constitutes the deliberate killing of an innocent human being.”

Moscinski shared that “I was also aware of the evidence compiled by the House Select Panel on Infant Lives that Planned Parenthood, contrary to federal law, profits from the harvesting and selling of the body parts of unborn children. This grisly trade in human tissues and organs is deemed by many as revolting and sickening since it reduces human beings to mere objects that can be bought and sold.”

The priest noted that, despite Roe’s reversal last year, “we are still sadly burdened with the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act,” further arguing that he is “not guilty of violating this law because this law cannot be seen as anything other than null and void since it attempts to give legal protection to actions which are intrinsically evil and unjust.”

“I recognize that this view may not be shared by your Honor,” Moscinski continued. “I would like you to know that I find the pernicious error of legal positivism both logically incoherent and immensely destructive in practice”

“Would it not be much better to acknowledge the truth that there must be a necessary and intrinsic connection between our civil laws and the natural moral law written on the human heart, knowable by human reason, and revealed authoritatively by God Himself in the Ten Commandments?”

The sentence to imprisonment of this heroic priest is highly condemnable and an unjust law. Abortion is murder clear and simple and the Supreme Court’s Dobbs Decision has made it illegal in the US. Therefore, it is against the laws of God, nature, and man and so the priest is justified in blocking access to the murderous Planned Parenthood premises so that lives can be saved.

African pro-choice apologists should learn from the travails of the noble priest. If these liberals can punish their own, they will unleash ruthless venom on Africa in their avaricious bid to aggressively expand their blood-soaked empire on the world’s most raped continent. It is not worth it being their stooge – they should ask their non-biological ancestors cum chiefs who colluded with the Caucasians to sell their brethren into slavery for ridiculous gifts like gin, mirrors, guns, gun powder among other hilarious rewards. The leopard never changes its spots – the benefits of betraying Africa and opening up the wombs of women for their seeds to be slaughtered will always be smaller than Esau’s mess of pottage.

History repeats itself because man in his usual frailty learns the stories but never its salient lessons. It is high time the African pro-abortion lobby began to pay close attention to the lessons of history and not get caught up in the ‘frenzy’ of the ‘good life.’

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for West African Christian Voice Trumpet Call Ministry  and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached at +2348167677075.

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It is no news that most African nations have bravely pushed back against the liberal agenda of the West to foist the destructive agenda on hitherto Sovereign African nations through their local legislatures.

What is unknown to most Africans is the surreptitious hijacking of the soul of the African media to aggressively push this nauseating culture of death preying on the ignorance of many Africans on noble pro-life issues.

It is therefore imperative for African Conservatives/Pro-Lifers to control the media space and positively use it to shape local public opinion.

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