Spanish bishop calls government sex ed guides ‘aggressive and crude’

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A Spanish bishop has decried as “aggressive and crude” the six sex education guides being promoted by the socialist government in Getafe, Spain.

The Getafe City Council, governed by a coalition of the Spanish Socialist Workers (PSOE) and Podemos political parties, recently published the guides, entitled “Gender Rebels,” which encourage young girls and adolescents to “turn off the TV and turn on your clitoris,” and which ridicule the Virgin Mary as a model of someone who is “without a life of her own and asexual.”

The guides were financed with public funds from the Ministry of Equality and claim to be  “a collection to blow up the sexist stereotypes that limit our way of being in the world” and which rebel against a “genitalistic, androcentric, phallocentric, penetrocentric and heteronormative society.”

Bishop Luis Argüello, spokesman and general secretary of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference, questioned whether the Law for the Comprehensive Protection of Minors, which was passed April 15 by the Congress of Deputies, “can protect girls and adolescents” from the proposals contained in the sex ed guides, which he described as radical.

Rather than “Gender Rebels,” he encouraged people to instead be “rebels of common sense.”

The Diocese of Getafe also criticized the guides, deploring that they were paid for “with public resources, which ought serve the common good” but instead “disseminate partisan proposals with a strong ideological bias which do not respect everyone’s conscience or interests.”

The diocese said these guides are “an expression of the most radical gender perspective,” which “denies the biological truth about human beings,” blames the Church for “the patriarchy’s violence against women” and also “offends religious sentiments.”