Take our sons and daughters to work day: Digitally Rebranded

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Up until now, kids have never had the opportunity to spend a whooping 24/7 with either of their parents. Fast forward to 2020 and they get the chance to enjoy their parents undiluted presence due to the global pandemic.

The fourth Thursday in April annually marks the Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. However, it’s safe to say that across some regions this event has been marked across 6 weeks and counting as Parents have had to at some point include their children in their digital conference calls and staff meetings. 

The whole idea behind the ‘Take our sons and daughters to work day’ is to give boys and girls an exposure into the career world. Being a recognized and special day in the United States, I believe the rest of the world should introduce such in their countries as the future is in the picture they see as kids.
During such corporate tour by boys and girls, it will be great if parents, teachers and workers are open to answer questions these kids might have and encourage to ask as well. 

Research shows that Parents serve as a major influence in determining their children’s career development and decision making. This interest usually happens unconsciously as they absorb their parents’ work ethics, passion and career growth over the years.

While it’s totally normal for some children to naturally feel inclined to following in the career steps of their parents, it is important for the parents to avoid forcing a certain career choice on a child. These kids gravitate to choices they feel confident and passionate about and as parents it’s essential for us to protect and promote their freedom of choice especially when it comes to their career choice.

Looks like the workplace will never remain the same after this pandemic and the next generation will grow up in a digitally connected world where irrespective of your career choice, you’d have to be digital.