Thumbs Up: Texas Rangers Blasted for Shunning ‘Pride Night’ Game by Tony Ademiluyi

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‘Remember the Alamo’ was the battle cry of war synonymous with the American State of Texas. The cowboys owe their origins to Texas and the Texans have a slightly distinct accent from the rest of Americans that stands them out of the pack.

When it came to standing up for the truth, one of the major baseball clubs – The Texas Rangers did not disappoint conservatives despite the gargantuan pressure from the left to use its premises to host the ‘Pride Night.’

The great club was once owned by erstwhile American President, George Walker Bush Jr between 1988 and 1994 when he sold it shortly before he was elected as the Governor of Texas.

The club has been steadfast in its resolve not to allow its outlets to be used to host the vile ‘pride night’ despite a massive backlash from liberal media outlets and LGBTQ groups in the states with sturdy support from radical leftist groups outside the state.

Despite the fact that it is not as conservative as it ought to be, it is the only baseball club in Texas that resisted the ‘pride night.’

However, tragically, the gain of that heroic act seems to be akin to a pyrrhic victory as Lifesite News reported that  In 2022, the Rangers were a platinum sponsor of the “Gay Softball World Series” in Dallas. Approximately 900 rainbow-clad players from the tournament attended a game at the team’s Globe Life Field.

“This is another example of how the Rangers strive to make everyone feel welcome and included in all we do,” spokesman John Blake said at the time.

On October 21, 2021  so-called “Spirit Day”  the Rangers’ social media account tweeted support for “inclusion.” The day was created by a Canadian teenager in 2010 to bring attention to “bullying” of “LGBTQ+ youth.”

In 2021, the team released a statement informing The Athletic that members of the Rangers’ front office volunteered at the pro-LGBT Resource Center in Dallas “to help with preparations for their Teen Halloween Party.”

Fox News also reported that Rangers COO Neil Leibman told The Dallas Morning News in 2020 that the Center helped him adopt changes that made the organization “more inclusive in hiring practices.”

Earlier this year, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred reportedly directed teams to not wear rainbow-themed jerseys during any Pride games, which are held at the discretion of team owners. The league’s 29 other teams have all hosted Pride games, with the Chicago Cubs being the first in 2001.

On July 15, the Rangers will host the Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association, a pro-homosexual organization, for a day game against the Cleveland Guardians. The Rangers currently have a 45-28 record, putting them in first place in the American League West.

Sports is a great tool for personal development and economic empowerment. However, LGBTQ groups have now hijacked it to be used as a solid platform for the propagation of their vile agenda. I will never forget how they tried using the last World Cup in Qatar which attracted about five billion viewers globally to attempt to foist their culture of destruction and death. But for the brave resistance of Qatar who were aghast their guests were hellbent on cultural imperialism in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ cited its alleged appalling human rights records with Amnesty International being the ‘moral compass’ of the liberal west. Thank God that the Qataris didn’t allow the western bullies to triumph over them.

Africa is surely the next target as the LGBTQ groups will massively weaponize the endemic poverty there to ensure that sportsmen from the continent either publicly uphold their agenda either as openly gay sportsmen or complicit straight allies. Given the enormous influence that these sportsmen wield as their fan base in Africa is massive, the gradual acceptance of homosexuality will be aggressively pushed as the end goal is the normalization of it globally.

Conservatives all over the world mustn’t let them win. They should leave sports for players, fans, and stakeholders to enjoy and not reduce it to a mere political tool for the advancement of their nauseating agenda.

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for West African Christian Voice Trumpet Call Ministry  and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached at +2348167677075.

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It is no news that most African nations have bravely pushed back against the liberal agenda of the West to foist the destructive agenda on hitherto Sovereign African nations through their local legislatures.

What is unknown to most Africans is the surreptitious hijacking of the soul of the African media to aggressively push this nauseating culture of death preying on the ignorance of many Africans on noble pro-life issues.

It is therefore imperative for African Conservatives/Pro-Lifers to control the media space and positively use it to shape local public opinion.

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