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Why it’s tougher to take classes online in Nigeria

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It’s been over 3 months since schools have been shut down globally with students been left with the option of being homeschooled.

Initially, this came with mixed feelings and parents thought they had it under control especially since it happened to be a global pandemic. But as time progressed and days moved into weeks and months, everyone has truly been affected. The education system in Nigeria has been as affected as the health care sector.

Here are few reasons why it’s tougher in this part of the world to take classes online:

  1. Lack of a Standard Plan: While those in other parts of the world (especially the developed nations) found it easier to transit to online classes, the Nigerian Educational Sector struggles to find its balance especially as online classes have rarely scratched the surface in schools prior to the pandemic. This gap leaves Nigeria behind when compared to other Nations of the world
  2. Inability to afford a data plan: In this new digital era, Data has become the new oxygen. Ever since the lockdown, its easier to stay without hanging out with friends or bonding with classmates but it’s almost impossible to be without data on your phones. While students are expected to attend some classes online, the instability of network coverage and its strength is still an issue that’s yet to be solved. Making it impossible for all students to catch up appropriately even when their schools try to do some online lessons.
  3. Change is Hard: Imagine students who have been used to waking up, preparing for classes, bonding with friends, asking teachers questions after each subject be suddenly told to flip the script which now involves waking up whenever they want to, doing chores on a daily basis, prepare breakfast and still catch up with their online class with a phone that has a ton of apps all screaming for their attention while they try to get schooled. I don’t know about you but CHANGE is HARD and no one should expect it to be easy for kids to adapt quickly at the new normal.

Due to the fact that the reopening of schools will require them to meet certain guidelines which most schools might be unable to due to its financial implications and otherwise, the Federal Government has canceled the resumption of schools indefinitely.

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu disclosed this to the Federal Executive Council earlier this month that he would prefer Nigerian students to lose an academic year than to expose them to dangers.